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Applications & Use Cases

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Solution for Agribusiness

Control crops rotation and field works with Hecterra.

Maintenance Management

The web application to plan, control and record expenditures for maintenance.

Scheduled Transportation Management

NimBus is designed to control fixed routes vehicles.

Delivery Monitoring

We developed Logistics service for you to manage delivery operations.

Personal Tracking

WiaTag turns a smartphone into a GPS tracker and allows controlling field operations and mobile staff performance.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Eco Driving - the solution to monitor driving quality.

Online Tracking

The module is used to trace unit movements, control critical working conditions, manage devices by commands, receive notifications and much more.

Fuel Control

The fuel control module is designed to calculate fuel consumption in any type of machinery, from vehicles to filler trucks.

Driver Activity Control

Wialon offers two specialized applications to work with tachograph files and driver activity data.

ELD Solution

The solution for controlling the compliance with work and rest schedule as required by ELD mandate in the US.


Units list control

Get all the necessary information on movement and ignition state, data actuality, and unit location in real time.


Send commands: message, route, requests for configuration or photo from the camera for the unit remote control.


Switch on/off the visual display of the unit’s location inside of a geofence instead of address information.

Informative reports

Use the detailed data on the vehicle’s rides, stops, fuel thefts, and fillings for decision-making on the spot.


Control the unit’s events (movement, stop, fuel filling, fuel theft) in chronological order and display them on the map.

Map mode

Access units, geofences, tracks and event markers on the map with the option to detect your own location.


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